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Blush Magazine

In collaboration with New York City based fashion magazine

Opulent Maximalism written by Anabelle Gao

Blush magazine states that "Some things were covering this issue: Trend Fatigue, Cancel Culture, Male-Anger-Female-Rage, Modesty Through Another Lens, and many more!

Blush was established in 2013 by our founder @diannamazzone. We are honored to have an interview with her 10 years later.

Editor-in-Chief: @paytonbierk

President: @suhaniaryaa

Managing Editor: @madisonIcollins

Senior Fashion Editor: @pilar.bradley

Senior Culture Editor: @cececonn

Senior Beauty Editor: @akilidzwill

Photo Director: @nafisahs.photocollection

Fashion Director: @victoria.panzella

Beauty Director: @tabslookbook

Art Director: @adiba.tamboli

Jr. Art Director: @shelbyy_madi

Co Photo Editor: @lindseydelriophotos

Co Photo Editor: @kerv.j

PR Director: @junerose_t

PR Director: @bhavikaa.punjabii

Social Media Manager: @prashita.bassi

Jr. Social Media Manager: @kaicedtea

Videographer: @by.lunaabreia

Treasurer: @ahan_mehrotra

Editorial Assistant: @vishwa_25_

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