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In collaboration with Skye Aurelia and ELLE Ukraine

Skye states that "The decision to include Ukrainian refugees in the project wasn't merely an artistic choice but a purposeful stand. When we talk about these grand ideals-peace, hope, love, freedom-we must remember that they are not abstract concepts but tangible needs and rights that many are bereft of. As someone who often operates in the public eye, I hope to always encourage these values. However, the actual gravitas comes from hearing it directly from individuals who've been through difficulties firsthand.

The models, with their histories, as refugees, are a direct nod to the immediacy of the problems we face globally. Their presence serves as a poignant narrative bridge between the value and the lived experience, that while peace was taken from them they still maintain love and hope towards freedom and the future. It's a call to action, to share our stories and our truth bravely with the world, that by using our voice, we can all be champions of love, peace, hope, and freedom.

Thank you @elle_ukraine sonickelle for being your first ai!

@Skyeentertainmentgroup Production

Talent & Creative Director Skye Aurelia

Photography @Reinhardtkenneth

Producer @arimandias

Producer @Alexdanifotografo

Casting director @forbatok

Project Manager @_kevinskye

Fashion Stylist @thecannonmediagroup

HMUA @serranostudiosla @startsai_makeup

DP @Arvizu_arts

BTS music @walterthoma_sound

Digital set design @nik_gundersen

Digital Designer @tesxe

Retoucher @liamjenkins.retoucher

Gaffer @rafa2w

Lighting Director @Rafa2w

Fashion Assistant @winnie_noan

Gaffer @suimaylee

Digitech @nias_archive_

Photographer's Assistant @lela.fen

Agent @jencooperphoto

Muses @k_safronova @juliamanchuk

Esthetician @beautystudio_by_veronika

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